by Ayane x Shiki

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Feat. Shiki --> soundcloud.com/thetmns

Artwork by Paroro <3


Ecchi king I'm a Don bitch,
Yuri hoes always make em switch
Love to go and try to spend my dough,
Try to act all tsun im like "what fo?"
I'm the king of this castle like Howl
Other senpai always treat her so foul
I just keep it real, fuck how yall feel
Like a phantom thief yeah her heart imma steal,

I'm hot like combustion, she want all this lovin',
That skirt with them thigh highs got me plottin somethin
Tell her to just call me onii,
I'll be her kami converting her slowly
I'm the original the one and only,
Been at the top think I deserve a trophy,
Weaboos not in my vision, I'm sick with precision, senpai got that swag make them switch they religion

Hey, change kouhais every day,
Haters not in my way,
Like a titan I slay, killing every track you can see the decay,
Blood it might spray,
Girl I'm yandere know you thinking I'm cray,
Got you in my dungeon now you gotta stay,
Heh gotta do it my way, hey

Pantsu they drop soon as I hit the spot, that neko mine got it on key and lock,
Imoutos they come from all over to flock,
Black and I'm pimping so they call me Brock

I don't need an attitude
I just need a bad kouhai down to get lewd
Shawty looking so damn pure I'm the nude,
Moe as hell so I got my eyes glued, so crude

Fans might be biased, they say I'm the flyest, they treat me like royalty show devout loyalty,
I am the king that is running this Monarchy
Every Imouto in sight is my property,

All down with the clique, don't fuck with LWDGNG you can eat a dick
People think I'm insane from the way I spit,
Different personalities like my mind is split

Every time im closer to clarity another succubus comes and fucks up my sanity
Honestly prefer this reality
Feel I've been tagged for life with an ID
(x 2)


Moe girl where's your I.D.
Take a trip,
Come roll with me
Whole world know you wanna see
Just relax follow onii


released August 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Ayane Paris, France

Anime Groover and Onii-Chan Type Beats,
inquiries / booking : simonamiot@skitearproductions.com

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